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The following pages will generate a list of emails from spamers domains. This is a way to throw them back their shit. Trap 1, Trap 2, Trap 3, My spam trap page.


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Email Privacy

There is an augment in understanding about the privacy of individuals utilizing electronic mail in conditions of probable private access and account utilization. This consciousness stems from the truth that the privacy protection of email is presently less well described than other figures of communication.

Moreover, there exists a chimera of privacy made by obtaining a password to access an email account. The fact, however, is that only some individuals have a good perceptive on how computer, its networks and electronic mail essentially work, and the choices accessible to preserve their electronic information.

Remailers. The best way to assure email secrecy stays the remailer system. Remailer is a computer program that toils the way like anonymizer yet for email. It lets you to launch emails incognito by annihilating all the headers that could reveal your identity. There are several trade-offs, but utilized appropriately, there is no means a client could be recognized.

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). The encryption defacto standard is PGP or also known as the called "Pretty Good Privacy". This is a program in the computer that decrypts (unscrambles) and encrypts (scrambles) data. The PGP is the most extensively utilized and supported, and the most readily accessible encryption technique. Pretty Good Privacy is obtainable for operating system, with various versions for each. The qualities and functionality of every version must help conclude which is paramount for you. The newer versions of the Pretty Good Privacy comprise of plug-ins for well-liked email customers, and some comprise desktop precautions elements too.

Secured Sockets Layer (SSL). This is a protocol that conveys server confirmation, data encryption, as well as reliable bulk mailer. SSL is leveled beneath the application protocols, such as SMTP or HHTP and leveled on top of the link protocol TCP/IP. This approach lets Secured Sockets Layer to function devoid of reliant on the application protocols of the Internet. With SSL applied on both the server and the client, your mail communications are broadcasted in encrypted structure. Information you launch could be trusted to disembark confidentially and unchanged to the server you indicate (and no other). In other words, it is a type of channel encryption enhanced by the Netscape.

Digital Signatures. It is inconsequential for your email to be examine while it is in passage: left to it's individual, email is just like a postcard. In addition to that, it’s very simple to falsify email; that is, to create it looks as if it appears from an email address going to somebody else. It is as well quite uncomplicated for somebody to modify the content of the email after it has gone your machine: this needs more methodological and technical skills then the uncomplicated forging of a return address, but the internet email offers no fortification against it. Digital signature is the answer to this predicament. Digital signatures make use of encryption technology to authenticate individuality. This technology also permits you to bear out that nothing was distorted or changed- either intentionally or unintentionally - in communication.