IzPack Java Software Installer - downloads

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You are free to use the following buttons to link to the IzPack homepage at 'http://www.izforge.com/izpack/'.


Get IzPack

Getting started

Installing IzPack is a very easy thing. Depending on the operating system you run and how it has been configurated, you might be able to run the installer by (single|double)-clicking on the Jar archive. For the other people or shell-lovers like me, do that:

[email protected] izpack $ java -jar IzPack-install.jar

Then follow the different steps required to install IzPack. It's that simple.

A few documentations

Download IzPack

The Jar archive is an installer for IzPack ... generated by IzPack :-)

The current version is 3.8.0 (build 2005.10.27)

If you enjoy IzPack, please consider making a donation to the maintainer. Thanks.

  • IzPack installer: IzPack-install-3.8.0.jar
  • IzPack installer, Win32 registry-enabled version: IzPack-install--reg-3.8.0.jar

Download the native launcher

The IzPack native launcher will first check for a JRE on the target system. If one is found, then it will launch the installer. If no JRE can be found, then it will help the user in installing one either from the internet or from a bundled one.

To sum-up, the IzPack native launcher will allow your users to install your software even if they don't have a JRE at first sight.

The current versions are 1.3 and 2.0. The IzPack native launcher is released under a liberal MIT-style license.

  • IzPack native launcher: izpack-launcher-1.3.zip (wxWidgets-based)
  • IzPack native launcher: izpack-launcher-2.0.zip (Qt-based)