How does the TCP / IP protocol work?

TCP / IP protocol is used by computers to communicate through computer networks, and computers will process packets and package them into data packets to be sent over a computer network.

How does the TCP IP Protocol work

TCP Step

  1. Data is broken down into small packets – in order to be transmitted through the appropriate media and protocols, each data packet is labeled and the purpose for which the packet is sent.
  2. Packets will pass through the router in the internet network. The router is responsible for delivering and determining the route of the packets sent. In a fairly large network of packets will pass dozens or even hundreds of routers, each router only delivers packets to the nearest router while looking for the right route.
  3. When the packet arrives at its destination, the TCP / IP protocol will work according to the tasks at each division/layer, starting from the lowest layer which translates signals/signals into logical data and is forwarded to the layer above to ensure whether the data packet has been received or not adjusted with the selection of TCP / UDP protocol.If the TCP protocol, if there is a packet of data that is lost, it will ask to be sent again. The data packet will be assembled and arranged as its original form and forwarded to the layer above it to form the original file when it is sent.

What is the difference between IP and IP Address?

Internet Protocol (IP) is layer 2 in the TCP / IP model, while the IP address is the identity/address/identifier used in labeling computer devices on the internet network.

Every computer that is connected to an internet network must have a unique IP address (may not be the same) in order to communicate with other computers on the network.

IP Address is like a home address, which is used by us to receive packets so as not to get lost and used to fill in the original packet address when we send packages.

The goal is that if damaged can be returned to us, and the IP Address is the same as the home address in the real world, where the data packet is sent with the destination IP Address specified.

We usually get an IP address automatically when connecting to a free hotspot if we manage a fairly large network.

IP addresses are grouped, divided and standardized according to their intended use in the internet network so they are not chaotic.

There are also IP addresses divided into two types, namely public and private IPs.

  1. Public IP is an IP that can be accessed directly from the global internet network
  2. A private IP address is an IP address that is used in a local / intranet / private network that cannot be directly accessed through the internet.


TCP / IP is a computer communication standard protocol that is still used today, computers communicate by packaging data according to TCP / IP protocol rules and then sending it over a computer network.

When you learn to hack, you must know the actual process when computers exchange data / communicate through LAN or internet networks.

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