Innovation in the world of technology continues to be developed in such a way, and even every year, there is always the possibility that new technology will be invented in the world. The greater the development of technology, the easier the role of humans in living life. But behind that, the technology itself is also not immune from bad judgment, which gives many negative impacts.

One of them is the internet, besides making it easier for someone to find information, communicate, or doing other activities such as online gambling in (backlink); The internet also apparently provides information space that is too transparent. This means that all information can be accessed easily, and the information can also be easily developed and manipulated, such as provocative information, hoaxes, and others. That is one example of the negative impact of technological development.

Although it has some bad influences, the development of technology is undeniably more helpful to humans. Even recently, experts have developed a technology that is not so far apart from its role for the internet. The technology is the future of Wi-Fi, named Li-Fi, which is predicted to be up to 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. You can imagine how smooth when you play games like judi bola or casino, you can render the images without buffering and there will be no double transactions when you do transaction like deposit or withdrawal with real money.

What is Li-Fi?

Li-Fi is a wireless technology that functions almost the same as Wi-Fi but is faster than Wi-Fi itself. The development of Li-Fi technology was first discovered in the results of experiments conducted by Oxford University and University College, which this technology will use light media to transfer data quickly, even touted to be up to 100 Gbps per second.

In addition, this technology also does not use conventional radio frequencies like those of Wi-Fi, and Li-Fi itself has been successfully demonstrated on a pair of Casio smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, a few years ago. The name Li-Fi is derived from the abbreviation Light Fidelity.

How Does Li-Fi Work?

Li-Fi can only work if the light sources that exist on each device are connected to each other. The intended light source that can be used is like an LED or a photodetector (Light Sensor). Then when the LED light is on, the sensor light on the other end of the device will detect it and interpret it as the same binary. In essence, Li-Fi can work when the light on each device is paired with or connected to each other. At first glance, the way this technology works is almost similar to Bluetooth, which also has to connect a device to another device so that it can then transfer data.

Apart from being able to transfer data quickly, you can also download 23 DVDs in one second. That means this technology has extraordinary speed, recorded in laboratory tests conducted, Li-Fi itself managed to show speeds of more than 200 Gbps.

Advantages and Weaknesses of Using Li-Fi:

  1. Advantages
    Based on the fact above, of course, Li-Fi has many advantages to make it easy for anyone to access the internet quickly, even in remote areas. Of course, this will be one of the promising digital technological revolutions in the future.
  2. Weakness
    Behind these advantages, Li-Fi also has some shortcomings that are quite a consideration. Because this technology can only be used in a room with bright lights and cannot be used directly in the sun. That’s because sunlight itself will interfere with the artificial light used to transmit the connection. Many shortcomings, even Li-Fi, can not be used through walls and taken to move places, so for this Wi-Fi connection, it still seems necessary. Another formidable challenge is that the Li-Fi connection requires a perfect light source to transmit data optimally.

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