The need for data is very important in the IT world, especially for companies or startups engaged in technology and digital. For this reason, it is necessary to have a container or a place to store various information and data in a large capacity. A new breakthrough has been created by utilizing an internet network called cloud computing to deal with this.

The term is certainly familiar to internet media users. So, many use cloud-based storage rather than using conventional-based storage. We will provide explanations for those who don’t know what cloud computing is, starting from understanding to how it works.

Understanding cloud computing

Cloud computing is a term from English that means cloud computing. The term “cloud” is a metaphor for the internet. So, the real definition of cloud computing is a process of processing computing power systems through an internet network that connects one computer device to another computer at the same time.

So, cloud computing itself is also included in the technology that makes the internet a center of server for managing user data. By using cloud computing, you don’t need to install an application manually and make it easier to access information via the internet.

The function of cloud computing


In the following, many functions cloud computing has: we summarize the three main functions of using cloud computing to help user activities.

  1. Increase the data storage capacity

By using cloud computing, the storage capacity will be greater than when you use storage on a device such as a flash disk, hard disk, and so on. Cloud technology can store your various information with the help of internet media.

So your information will be stored in internet databases that use big data technology. An example of using cloud-based storage is Google Cloud.

  1. Improve stakeholder performance

The second function, by using cloud-based storage, will make each stakeholder’s performance more productive and optimal where each team or department can be connected to each other at the same time and can save existing resources.

  1. Get regular system updates (up to date)

This third function is an advantage and characteristic of cloud computing. Where, to overcome the various deficiencies that exist and keep up with the development of trends in the era of digital-based technology, the system will continue to periodically update the database.

The update aims to increase security and improve features to provide a better experience for internet users worldwide. Thus, each storage process becomes safer, more effective, and has high credibility.

Those are some of the functions regarding the internet cloud system which is now the number one alternative in data storage or business needs. If you liked this article, please take the time to fill in your comments in the comments column provided below.

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