The internet is known to people worldwide as a system that can provide various human needs that can be obtained even with just a touch. All these experiences using the internet can be even more beautiful with the presence of 5G.

5G technology is now something that the Indonesian people are looking forward to. Its network offers high-speed internet speeds, up to 10 times faster than 4G networks.

The presence of 5G will also open up new opportunities and experiences for the business sector. Not to mention, this super-fast internet network can also be used for artificial intelligence technology such as driverless cars, robots to surveillance for security needs.

Not only for industrial products, but the 5G network will also improve the experience of using the internet on a daily basis. Here are the benefits of the 5G network that will be felt in human life.


Stream movies and videos without lag

One of the characteristics of 5G is that it has much faster data download and upload speeds than its predecessor. Automatically this will make internet usage activities not interrupted because the internet is stable.

Therefore, users can stream high-quality videos and movies like 4K or even 8K very smoothly, and there is no lag.

Low latency cloud gaming

The latency of the 5G internet network is very low compared to previous technologies. This refers to the time lag in data transmission from sender to receiver. So, the higher the lag time, the slower the recipient will receive the response.

5G network data speeds can reach 10 Gbps and have very low latency. This allows consumers to enjoy cloud gaming services.

Cloud gaming allows computer games, from PlayStation 4 to Xbox One, to be played directly in real-time on mobile devices such as smartphones. Therefore, this technology requires high and stable data connectivity speeds, as offered by the 5G mobile internet network.

Video call quality is smoother and clearer.

Just like streaming movies, communication via video calls is one of the most important needs today. Now, 4G LTE allows mobile users to make video calls or video calls on smartphones. However, with a 5G network, consumers can maximize the video calling experience.

Oppo is one of the smartphone manufacturers that has conducted trials to demonstrate video call capabilities on the 5G network. The device used is the Oppo Reno 5G smartphone that supports the X50 modem. The test results went well with a video call that lasted for approximately 3 minutes.

Connect with various IoT devices

5G technology can help improve the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This network can make every device smart and connected to the internet.

An example of IoT is how a robotic device can move thanks to being connected to the internet and carrying out its functions. If a cellphone supports the 5G network, the device will be able to connect to many devices at once.

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