Digital file/data storage is a simple medium to keep your data/files safe. But are our files/data really safe when they are stored on digital storage such as hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, etc.? Of course not.

Because data/files stored digitally can be lost at any time. The causes of data/file loss are also different. The file or hard drive may be damaged, or infected with a virus. However, you can prevent all this by backing up your data.


So here Cari Signal explains the importance of backing up your data before something bad happens. Here are seven reasons why you should back up your data.

Broken Storage

The data can be stored anywhere, but usually on the hard drive of your PC/laptop. However, some store data on memory cards, SD cards, flash drives, or CD/DVDs. However, all of these discs are fragile and the files and data they contain can be lost or corrupted.

Therefore, backing up your data is the best option. Important data/files should be backed up to other storage media before any damage occurs. If you have limited external storage, you may be able to back up your data to cloud storage. There are many cloud storages on the market today, both free and paid.

Increase Productivity

If data is lost, recreating data/files automatically takes time. For example, you are a student working on a thesis. Suddenly, the hard drive of the laptop I used to work on my thesis got corrupted.

After that, I can’t save my hard drive anymore and my thesis file is gone. In such cases, students had to rewrite their papers, whether they wanted to or not, which was a waste of time. In order not to waste time like in the past, let’s first take a backup of important data (backup data) so that students do not have to do the paper twice. You can increase your productivity!

Data Corrupt Virus

There are many types of viruses that damage PCs/laptops. In fact, there are some computer viruses that specifically attack files on hard drives and other storage media. There are also viruses that attack data and prevent data from being returned.

Of course, for those who have a lot of important data on their PC/Laptop, this is very fatal. We recommend backing up your data before doing so. This way you don’t have to panic about losing important data.

Experiencing Disaster

Besides viruses and device damage, disasters can happen to anyone, anywhere. We never expect catastrophe, but neither can we predict when catastrophe will come.

So you should be prepared for the worst possible cases like your laptop/PC is flooded and all the devices inside will be damaged automatically and the chances of recovering data on your laptop/PC will be very difficult. . From now on, there is no loss in making a habit of backing up important file data and “preparing an umbrella before it rains”, right?


No one wants to experience theft, but it can happen to anyone, anywhere. If a theft happens and you back up your data, at least you have access to your important data and you don’t lose it. Still hesitating to back up your data?

Of course, if you already have backup data, you don’t need to worry about data loss. Even if you lose data, at least the data is backed up, so you can rest assured that it is safe and secure.

However, please also understand that you should perform regular data backups as needed. Therefore, it is always recommended to back up your data if you have the latest important data/files.

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