Izforge is an integrated digital infrastructure company in America, providing Internet, Cloud Computing, Data Center and IPTV services. We are committed to building modern infrastructure with the aim of reducing digital divide with other developed countries. Izforge owns and operates the most advanced Fiber Optic network and the largest data center in America.

With the tagline ‘cool and smart.’ We are aware, online media is growing very fast. Nearly all cyber media prioritizes the speed of communicating with each other. In fact, a fast-paced gathering of information makes cyber media vulnerable to low-speed internet connection.

The principle that is most overlooked by some other internet services is accuracy, depth, and balance of connection. Realizing this, Izforge exists as a internet services in North America that presents the most complete  possible. We are committed to providing clear and bright connection to the public.

Our Vision

For the longivity of digital space where every individual and business can be smoothly connected to reach their individual and collective potential.

Our Mission

Become a network and multimedia solutions company through our commitment to world-class innovation, infrastructure and services.