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Before you do proxy settings, it helps you know in advance what is proxy and what are the functions?

MikroTik RouterOS is an operating system intended as a network router. MikroTik RouterOS itself is an operating system and software that can be used to turn ordinary computers into reliable network routers, including various features made for IP networks and wireless networks.

These features include Hotspot, Point to Point Tunneling Protocol, Firewall & Nat, Routing, Hotspot, DNS server, DHCP server, and many other features. MikroTik RouterOS is a Linux based operating system intended as a network router, designed to suit all users.

Administration can be done through Windows Application (WinBox). Besides, installation can be done on a Standard PC computer (Personal Computer). A PC that will be used as a proxy router does not require a large enough resource for standard use, for example, only as a gateway.

For the needs of large loads (complex networks, complicated routing), it is recommended to consider the selection of adequate PC resources.

Mikrotik As an Internet Connection Gateway

Mikrotik Function

Mostly, this function is often used by an agency in using the Router Router. Mikrotik functioned as a way out of the internal network (LAN) to the Internet (WAN).

The LAN network can be said as a client that uses different devices/devices, such as laptops, PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

Apart from only functioning as a gateway, the proxy can manage data traffic (filtering).

How to Set Open Source in Situs Judi Bola

Mikrotik can be set to open and close certain access. For example, if an user want to use several client as an close source to gambling site, he can set client A may not access to sportbook web, but client B can access to judi bola to play online soccer gambling.

In addition to blocking internet access, the proxy router can also function as a regulator of bandwidth client usage (will be discussed in a special article about firewalls).

Mikrotik As a Hotspot Gateway (Access Point)

Mikrotik Function 1

This is an advanced function of the proxy function as a gateway. On certain series microphones, there are already Wireless radio internal, for example, RB941-2nD-TC (Hap Lite) already uses the 802.11b / g / n wireless standard.

You can use the proxy as an access point for your client. The wireless function can be activated and deactivated. Apart from the Access Point function, the proxy can function as a Hotspot such as in public locations, RT-RW Net, at schools, offices, and any location.

Users must use authentication to be able to use Internet facilities in your area. This type of authentication can be connected with the Radius Server.

This Hotspot facility can be configured in accordance with the conditions of your agency, for example, the appearance of the login page can be modified in such a way according to your taste or the institution where you work.

Then you can configure the hotspot name, user profile, how long he can access the internet, how long he will automatically log out when he is inactive, which web does not have to use authentication.

Mikrotik As DHCP Server

Mikrotik Function 2

This function is already commonly used. Where users are not required to change/configure their IP address, especially for laypeople who do not understand to change IP. Users who have been connected to the Lan network can automatically get the IP provided by Mikrotik according to the rules and pool provided.

There is also one agency, using this DHCP server, only to do file sharing and printer sharing without an internet connection (only LAN access). The server is required to use IP Static, and other users may use DHCP.